Solving issues, affiliated to EU cosmetic product law and regulation is our core activity; our services are founded in the manufacturing support, quality assurance & product development.

CosTec started out in 2008 as an independent consultancy firm.

Our company mission is to provide manufacturers, sellers and traders of personal care products with tailor-made support and to share with them as much of our professional expertise as possible. This is driven by personal attention and short lines of communication.

In other words: Personal Care.

In addition providing general services, such as preparing Safety Assessments and CPNP registrations, CosTec specializes in solving even more complex issues. For example, CosTec monitors CGMP conditions, acts as Responsible Person dealing with EU import, manages the process of EU claim substantiation.

When it comes to product development, CosTec operates independently, with own R&D facility / large experience. Additional services, such as microbial control and dermatological tests, also can be arranged by CosTec.

CosTec B.V.
The Personal Care Specialist
Steenweg 11
4175 AD Haaften